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California’s vape havens: Bay Area model for social cannabis use

Where to vape freely: Check out these San Francisco dispensary lounges

Mark Twain’s 1865 hashish escapade inspires revisit

Op-ed: Making political sausage with California marijuana laws


California Hall of Fame’s top 10 potheads

Opinion: End 49ers attacks, lawsuits — with marijuana

Cannabis Politics Blog

Capitol Cannabis

Cannabis Tourism

Humboldt Cannabis Country Vacation
West Coast Cannabis Magazine

KCET Los Angeles SoCal Connected public television news program

Articles originally published on Pot Appetit and republished in Sacramento Bee’s medical cannabis advertising section, 2011

Like Salt for Cannabis, CBD Flvors THC’s Effects

Cookies Fit for Claus But Baked with Cannabis

The Pen is Mightier Than the Bong, or Mini Vaporizers Got the Right Stuff

Pot Club Puts Heart and Feet into the Community

Mary Jane’s Jack Balls: Retail Buzz at Sunrise Pot Shop

Other Cannabis Service Journalism

Taste-Testing Sacramento’s Po’ Boys of Pot: $3 Joints
Pot Appetit/Sacramento Press

Pedaling for Pot in Sacramento: Like Amsterdam on the American River
Pot Appetit/Sacramento Press

Promotional video, medical cannabis doctor

Cannabis Edibles

Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook vegan carrot muffins recipe

Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook caramel recipe


Edibles prototype


Cannabis edibles intake monitor and safety app.

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