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Lip-smacking food journalism and other marketable content

A Big Year for Small Breweries It’s been a big year for small breweries in the Sacramento region. Nine microbreweries opened in Sacramento, Yolo, Placer and El Dorado counties in 2013, bringing the total number to 31. And another four

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Anthony Bourdain Interview: Latino Kitchen Workers vs. French chefs, and More Food Talk

ED MURRIETA Originally published in The Tacoma News Tribune, Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004 12:01 AM (PST) My colleagues in the food press like to paint Anthony Bourdain as the Jack Kerouac of the kitchen, an articulate bad boy roaming the seamy

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Noir by Northwest: A Last Good Interview with James Crumley

Ed’s note: My favorite story I ever wrote. Crumley liked it too. Here’s his email to me: Wilford Brimley?! Jesus. Actually there’s a history. I walked into a backyard barbeque in LA once, and some bit actor shouted actoss the

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Guess What’s Coming to Dinner: Craft Beer

BY ED MURRIETA Beer: It’s what’s for dinner. If that doesn’t sober up diners who favor wine, consider that craft beer – the non-Budweiser brews for which the Pacific Northwest and other rogue brewing capitals are savored – enjoyed a

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The Pig That Came to Dinner

BY ED MURRIETA In about 36 hours, one of the little porkers that Cheryl Ouellette raises on her free-range farm in Summit will be served as a pulled-pork special at Primo Grill in Tacoma. But first, dinner must wake up.

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Coffee’s Benevolent Mr. Bean

BY ED MURRIETA PORTLAND — Walking into Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Duane Sorenson greeted a barista in singsong hipster patois. “Hey, man.” “What’s up?” “How’s it going?” “Right on.” “Awesome.” Dressed in a hooded white sweat shirt, quilted green jacket, blue

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