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A Big Year for Small Breweries
It’s been a big year for small breweries in the Sacramento region. Nine microbreweries opened in Sacramento, Yolo, Placer and El Dorado counties in 2013, bringing the total number to 31. And another four already are on tap for next year. From the valley to the Sierra, 25 microbreweries have opened over the past four years, representing a nearly 400 percent increase since 2010. The industry defines microbreweries as breweries that produce up to 15,000 barrels of beer per year — in layman’s terms, 3.72 million pints or 826,667 six-packs.
Sacramento Business Journal, Dec. 20, 2013Nano-breweries start small, plan big
Device Brewing Co. and New Glory Brewing Co. are two nano-breweries that opened a half mile apart in southeastern Sacramento earlier this year. They provide a glimpse at two different approaches to entering the craft beer market. One is deliberately small with the intention of growing organically. The other is so confident of quick growth that it’s already purchased new equipment.
Sacramento Business Journal, Dec. 20, 2013Shipping Container Design Too Raw for Midtown
There will be no oom-pah-pah heralding the opening of Der Biergarten at 24th and K streets, planned for early January. You’ll merely hear beer steins clinking and drinkers conversing, followed by the sound of customers dispersing to an early curfew. A prohibition on live music and amplified sound, along with an agreement to close earlier than many Starbucks do, are but two concessions that cleared the way in midtown to build Sacramento’s first outdoor beer garden, a first-of-its-kind construction project in the Sacramento region, using industrial shipping containers. The biggest concession – over the look of the metal containers themselves – changed the face of the project, doubled its estimated cost and consumed one year of a five-year lease on the property.
Sacramento Bee, Dec. 17, 2013


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Interactive guide mapping restaurants and breweries along Sacramento’s bike trails.
Interactive guide mapping wineries, wine shops, wine bars and wine restaurants.
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